Tattoos Exposed

Lombardi has 14 tattoos, all of which are either literary or musically affiliated.

“I’m assuming that frat boy douche bags with tribal symbols and barbed wire and chains get tattooed to get laid, and a legion of empty-headed party girls get Asian symbols to add depth to their vapid personalities. I get tattoos because, to me, they’re the most permanent expression of any given value I may have – even if, in hindsight it was merely fleeting, it still represents a pivotal moment of my life.”

– Anthony Lombardi, 21

Giangrande currently has a full tattoo sleeve and expects to get more tattoos.

“Getting work done releases a great amount of tension and creates a tone of personal stamina. Including the satisfaction of the work being completed, getting a tattoo is definitely a form of escape, expression, impulse, and hormonal or human liberation.”

– Dylan Giangrande, 19

Denzler's ribcage tattoo.

“Modern day society is more accepting of everything that our older generations may have frowned upon and that is a good sign. Most of the things people looked down upon or judged people for in the past are no longer relevant in today’s society. Who really cares if a guy is covered in tattoos? He could be a doctor or a lawyer – not just a ‘punk.’”

– Matt Denzler, 30

Hladik currently has seven tattoos.

“I use my tattoos like a map of my life. Almost all of them have a specific meaning that relates to a period in my life, and when I see them, it helps me remember.”

– Martin Hladik, 26

I got this tattoo about 55 years ago, and I got it because I liked a certain woman and I had her name put on it. Gloria, the woman I’m married to now for 62 years – her name is still on here.”

– Mike Calarco, 84

Calarco paid 25 cents for this tattoo that he got in New York City, circa 1956.

One response to “Tattoos Exposed

  • chloezodiac

    I got the tattoo almost one years ago. I got it because i like tattoo. The design of my tattoo is very simple that is made of a combination of tree color, red, black and blue.

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