Making The Most Of Your Experience

I was a volunteer writing tutor at the Learning Center for a semester and I have devised some useful tips for you to get the most out of your Learning Center experience:

1. Don’t feel ashamed about coming in and asking for help. In my experience, I’ve found that, at first, many students are intimidated or embarrassed when they make their first appointments. Students have come to the Learning Center who just want a second set of eyes to look over a paper they’ve working hard on. Nobody should feel embarrassed.

2. If you receive an assignment that you think you are going to have trouble with, make an appointment with a writing tutor and take a session to work with the tutor to brainstorm. Many students don’t know that they can actually take a session solely for brainstorming.

3. Make sure you schedule your appointments in advance. Don’t bring an eight to ten page paper to a tutor the day it’s due and expect the tutor to rework you’re entire paper in the matter of an hour. Bring the paper a couple days in advance so you have time to take the suggestions of the tutor before the paper is due.

4. Realize that the Learning Center is not an editing service. Don’t just think that you can bring your paper to a tutor and that tutor will edit and proof-read your paper for an hour, while you sit back and relax. This is not how it works. A tutoring session should be full of interaction – it shouldn’t just be one-sided. The tutor is here to help you, not write the paper for you.

5. Do not be late. If you are so much as five minutes late your schelduled time slot will be given away to someone else. I know this rule is a little extreme, but those are the rules. Just don’t be late.

6. And finally, the Learning Center is here to benefit you. It is coming out of your tuition money, you might as well make use of it. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment if you feel as though you can make use out of it.

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