The Budget Negotiations Resulted In “Winners” and “Losers”

Our government could shutdown? That was the only thing on my mind last week when newscasters began their hundred hour-long countdown until our government could have possibly shut down. Maybe I’m just ignorant on the matter, but I didn’t even know a government shutdown was in the cards for a plausible solution. The media definitely found a way to extensively cover the budget negotiations in Washington D.C and the potential government shutdown if no compromise was reached.

It’s so comical how a last minute agreement was made, but yet the media had everybody on the edge of their seats counting down the hours until the government could possibly shut down. It felt like Y2K or something. But I guess that’s what good television is right? The anticipation of news is always going to prevail and that is what keeps people hooked. I think that the media outlets definitely blew this situation out of proportion and even had America in fear while covering the budget talks. A government shutdown would be the last thing this country needs. Last week all I kept hearing from the different media outlets in passing was that it was inevitable that the government would shut down on Friday night. The media coverage was practically like a countdown for New Years. Americans were actually watching the seconds go by in anticipation and fear of the government shutdown. But at the last minute an agreement was reached. I honestly still don’t understand how our federal government got to the point of a potential shutdown over a dispute of .19 percent of the budget. What is this country coming to?

After the agreement was finally reached all anyone kept hearing from the various media outlets was the question of who came out on top regarding the budget negotiations, which I thought was completely irrelevant, which leads me to my next point. A New York Post editorial on the matter began with the sentence: “So who really won the budget battle?” Why is this a relevant question for so many newscasters and reporters to be concerning themselves with? Why must this country always peg winners and losers in every situation that occurs? Maybe it’s because Americans are all so categorical. If the answer is not packaged in a neat little box with it’s name on it, we aren’t going to be able to understand it. This New York Post editorial is a perfect example of the media’s obsession this week with who won and lost politically in the budget negotiations. Apparently both Republicans and Democrats are claiming victory as to who exactly came out on top in the aftermath of the budget negotiations. Instead of writing about who won and who lost, how about someone writes about how this result affects the American citizens. After the negotiation was made the media basically just focused on winners and losers and not the effects of the results, which I just don’t really understand. Why is this relevant? Maybe someone could explain this to me, because I certainly am not following.

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