Ink, in the flesh and the power of multi-media

Just being here and reading this blog is in itself a way of experiencing and participating in this new type of multi-media that is rapidly making its way into every aspect of our daily lives. No longer does there exist only one medium to create and get our voice out to the public. There exists the plural of medium, which is media. We have the magic of the Internet, which allows for anyone to get their voice out to the public and to possibly get the opportunity to go viral in cyberspace reaching thousands of viewers.

Multi-media refers collectively to print media, broadcast media, and digital media – the most modern form of media, which includes the Internet, cell phones, web sites like Youtube and social networking web sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Audio, video, and photography all constitute as multi-media. Multi-media allows for a whole bunch of different opportunities that have never arisen before. With our Smartphone’s we can take videos on spot and immediately upload them onto the World Wide Web. What makes multi-media so significant is how it is changing the world. Multi-media calls for mass communication, which gives “average” people the potential to greatly impact the lives of other individuals.

Every form of media we read and every form of media we watch shapes us as human beings. Because of multi-media there is a lot more out there to do the sculpting. For example, in recent news, the protest in Egypt is one of the stories that have been taking over the airwaves. Because of web sites like Youtube, anybody can go type in something as simple as “protests in Egypt” and get live footage from someone who was there and posted it onto Youtube for the world to see. That’s the thing about multi-media – when something goes up onto the internet the WORLD can see it, not just the bubble that people tend to stay in because it’s comfortable there. The World Wide Web makes for a fascinating tool in order for people to mass communicate.

If a person wanted to find out about anything all they have to do is go out and search on the Internet. The problem isn’t if the information is there or not, because it is there – the problem is where to go to find factual, useful, stimulating, and intriguing information. The positive and negatives about the Internet is that anyone who is anyone can upload whatever they want. People are granted all the cyber freedom their hearts desire, which can unfortunately lead to an extreme amount of garbage and idiocy floating around in cyber space.

This blog is called “Inkflesh” because I will do my best to write truthfully and informatively on any subject that comes up throughout these posts. I will show my flesh to all of you as readers. And if you are wondering about the “ink” part of it all – well, I prefer to write tangibly with a pen and paper as opposed to typing on a keyboard, but because the world we live in is changing everyday and there are different outlets to get your voice out there, why not blog about it?

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